Mercedes C-180


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Almost everyone dreams of owning a Mercedes. In terms of quality, comfort, design, innovation and of course performance, the German automobile giant Mercedes is the perfect option. But it's not that easy to own a Mercedes. However, purchasing is not the only way to own a Mercedese. You can rent your dream Mercedes model.

Looking at the Mercedes c180, it is seen that it has a four-cylinder gasoline engine with a volume of 1595 cc with a compression ratio of 10.3, producing 156 hp at 5300 rpm and 250 Nm of torque between 1200 and 4000 rpm.

Vehicle Specifications

Airbag Airbag
FM Radio FM Radio
Automatic Doors Automatic Doors
Sensor Sensor
Speed Km Speed Km


Is the car you rent with a helmet?
Renting companies may not have insurance for their vehicles in order to reduce their costs. Ask if the vehicle you are renting has a helmet and pay attention to whether the insurance is specified in the contract. Ask if the insurance policy is included in the assistance service?, Remember that assistance service is in your favor, and in case of an accident, call the assistance company and get the vehicle towed. Do not forget that the company will collect any damage to the vehicle that may occur in an accident with a vehicle without a helmet. You rent something with material value and take a risk. Do not rent the vehicle without the rental company if the rental car has a helmet It is useful to check the content, Pay attention to the Kaskon Rental Car Insurance Exit, some rental companies are making personal insurance for their vehicles to reduce their costs, Do not choose vehicles with this type of helmet. Remember that in an accident with a vehicle with a personal insurance, if it is understood that the vehicle is rented during the checks made by the Casco Company, no payment will be received from the Insurance!.
Things to Consider When Renting a Car:
Do not give bills, Or a price and license plate of the vehicle must be written on the bill. The name of the car rental company must be written in the creditor section Get an invoice when renting a car print the vehicle's purchase date and time plate on the invoice Find out that the vehicle belongs to that company, they can rent a vehicle from outside and give it to you. Check the inspection date of the vehicle, If the vehicle has insurance, ask to see the insurance. In case of an accident, ask whether a spare vehicle is provided. Ask if there is a 24/7 roadside assistance. Do not rent from places under the stairs, get 5 cents more than rent a car from legal companies. Always keep the contract. If you are going to rent one way, be sure to ask the rental company and find out the delivery fees, one-way rental can be too high. If there is a scratch or bump around the vehicle, add it to the contract.



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